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“Liud has an amazing talent and gift! Her cakes are true works of art. Not only do they look amazing, they taste amazing too. The customer service is excellent. Liud is so sweet and easy to work with. She wants her customers to be happy and she will do what it takes to make sure you are. Her attention to detail is exceptional. She also makes unbelievable custom cookies. If you can imagine it, she can create it! Do not hesitate to use her - you will not be disappointed.” – Lacey N.

“This is the best cake shop by far!!  Liud, the owner, is unbelievably talented. She can create anything you desire.  Plus, she has so many great ideas to make your cake the highlight of the party.  Not only are the cakes beautiful but they are DELICIOUS!!!  It's incredible we have her degree of talent and craftsmanship in Roswell. 
Liud has such a kind and thoughtful personality. What a pleasure working with her!  I can't wait for the next event and I provide the cake from Custom Cakes from Liud.  
Check out her website and also her albums in her store that have photos of the most amazing cakes.”  – Karen G.

“Liud is as delightful to work with as her cakes are out of this world delicious and beautiful! Her cakes are most definitely a work of art! Liud made us a cake to celebrate the passing of the GA bar by our son and his friends. It was law books with lady liberty's scales and a gavel on top!! Nobody wanted to cut this gorgeous work of art. When we finally did, the cake was moist and amazing!! Thank you Liud! You are the only person I'll ever get cakes from again!” - Andrea P.

“Custom Cakes By Liud made one of the best cakes we have ever had!!! She saw my vision for my daughter's Birthday Cake better than I did. Her prices are great and she went above and beyond to make my event spectacular. Everyone loved the cake design but the flavor were phenomenal! We ordered yellow and chocolate cake with a strawberry whipped buttercream and I have to say that it was more than I expected. At the end of the night, guest where taking photos of Liud's card for their next event. She makes awesome cakes and she is genuinely a good person.....I'm glad we found her.”  -  Yvette K.

“I ordered a cake for my son's first birthday and the results were phenomenal! Liud surpassed my expectations and created a masterpiece , the results were so unbelievable my guests could not believe it was a cake. The colors were vibrant, full of life, I will always from now on order my cakes from Custom Cakes by Liud !!! The Cake was delicious! You will not regret ordering with Liud. She personally set it up at the party!” – Diana P.

“AMAZING!!! That's it in ONE word!!  Not only is Luid's  decorative skills AMAZING, the cake taste AMAZING!! It's not only AMAZINGLY tasty, it's very moist.  The decorations are made out of buttercream (same as the delicious icing) not fondant!!! I was so impressed when her assistant called to ask "if it was possible to use a lighter blue as to reduce the blue dye because it was for a baby."  When I took in a picture of the Goodnight Moon cake I wanted Liud came out and assured me "it would be perfect" and she did not disappoint.  With her warm personality, I feel like I have a new friend...certainly my go to bakery for life.  Thank you Luid, your talent made my grandson's first birthday awesome!!” – Michele J.

“Hands down the absolutely best custom cake I have ever seen or tasted. I ordered a cake for my sons 5th birthday. We decided on an avengers theme and a price point after that I let Liud have complete artistic control and she truly delivered. Not only was cake absolutely gorgeous the entire cake was edible and most importantly it taste fantastic. The cake was the talk of the party. Her talent is definitely cake war worthy.” – Jennifer P.

“My daughter surprised me for my birthday by having a cake made by Liud.  We had a celebratory dinner at a very high-end Buckhead restaurant, and brought the cake for dessert.  As the waiter waltzed the cake through the dining room, many clients gasped, and when I saw it, I stared in disbelief at the beauty of this cake.  Now, sometimes pretty cakes are not delicious cakes, but this was not the case.  The crumb of this coconut cake was as light as a feather, and moist. The buttercream was perfection. The harmony of flavors was incredible.  The pastry chef of the restaurant marveled at the beauty of the cake.  My daughter said that working with Liud was wonderful. Thank you for making my day extra special and very, very delicious.” – Maria P.

“First, I never leave good reviews but this cake shop was amazing! We ordered a unicorn cake for my daughters first birthday and I texted a few pictures of what I wanted and crossed my fingers that it would be okay. It was beautiful and the matching cupcakes were adorable!!! On top of blowing my mind on how great it looked, it also was delicious! People went back for seconds. The owner was so sweet and even added a happy birthday message at the bottom. It was beyond perfect. I have found my cake shop and will be going back for all my special occasions. Thank you for exceeding my expectations!” – Andrea J.


“Love this bakery! The cakes are beautiful pieces of art that are almost to pretty to eat. But when you do, they are delicious! I have ordered several cakes from Liud and have been happy with all of them. So glad I found her!” – Tian M.

“I went into this custom cake shop is Roswell Ga to get a Harry Potter cake for my daughter's birthday. These wonderful ladies are true professionals! They asked what she likes about Harry Potter. They even had pictures of previous cakes to assist with the details. Ordered the cake, thought the price might have been a little high. I was WRONG! The cake was gorgeous! When I got the cake home and presented it to my daughter, she wouldn't let us touch it! Then we cut it and took a bite. That when I knew she was way under priced! By far the best cake EVER! Many thanks from my family!” – kp

“The cake that Liud created was amazing. The design was exactly a replica of what we imagined and at the same time the flavor and taste of the cake was maintained. Everything on the cake is edible including the transformer that is in the pic. My son and the folks in the party just loved every bit of the cake!” – Rohan L.


“Absolutely one of the best cakes I have ever eaten!!!! Seriously.....I ordered a large double layer cake for a family function. It was to feed 50 people. Well, the cake was HUGE!!! It could easily have feed 100....the cake was freshly made that morning, super moist, lemon curd with cream cheese and then buttercream frosting....My family members raved about the cake....Needless to say, everyone there got to take home multiple pieces. Future cakes will come from Liud....Also, the owner is such a sweet lady and very friendly. I loved working with her. She totally gets cake making....cost is not even a consideration when ordering from this cake maker....the sky is the limit...don't get your cakes from a grocery store....get them from Liud.....” - DM

“Well as they say the problems show you new opportunities, that turned out to be the case in our situation.
The person we have been using for 3 years for all our cake had a family emergency just 5 days before our party. Not only Liud agreed to help us out on such a short notice, but also she did an exceptional job. Liud was so professional and genuine in whole conversation that I felt at ease and was willing to take a leap of faith; I am so glad I did.
The cake looked amazing with all the details we wanted and tasted delicious: everyone loved it.”  – Abhi G


“I ordered a birthday cake for my son's first birthday. She did a amazing job. The cake was so beautiful and it also tasted fantastic. I would highly recommend her. You will never be disappointed!”  - Asha B.

“She is more than amazing! I found a pic of a hookah cake online and asked her if she can do it and little stressed. When I got my cake it was much better than the pic I showed to her it was looking like a real hookah and a very delicious one! From now on, I know where to go when I need a cake !!” ❤ Melis E.


“I got this cake for my sisters baby shower and got so many compliments! It tasted just as great as it looked! Not to mention the price was great for the size of this cake! The cake and frosting were both vanilla and was absolutely delicious! Everyone at the party was asking me where I got this great cake from! Definitely will be re ordering for my next party!” – Allie R.

“Best tasting cake, adorable decorating that exactly fit my request.  I'm coming back for sure!  I had a last minute request and she was gracious and accommodating.  The cake looked even more fabulous in real life and it was absolutely delectable.” – Kristalyn M.

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